Living in Golden: Renting, Owning, and Other Living Solutions

Whether you are looking to spend a summer or fall in another place, or looking to move all together, one place you may want to consider is Golden, Colorado. With its wonderful scenery it gives a slightly rustic feel to its citizens that they’ve all come to love. Have I captured your interest? If so, here are a few things you should know about Golden:

Apartment rentals

Golden, Colorado is not a cheap state when it comes to housing. Most apartments and homes for rent are luxurious, yes, but cost upward from 700$. However, many times these apartment complexes have plenty of amenities such as club houses and indoor pools. So, if you have the cash to give, it can be well worth the look.

Subsidized Housing

In case you don’t have the budget to go for those 700+ apartments, there are options for subsidized housing for low income families all over Golden, Colorado. However, it is mentioned it is pretty hard to get into these types of programs.

Living Near that Town Rather than in that Town

Living in town or out of town-which is the best option for Golden? Hands down, it is living on the outskirts that wins. Because there is such a huge population and it has so many structures, living in town would be far more hectic than one would think at first. It’s best to get a car low on gas so you can commute whenever you have to but relax in the quiet of the outskirts when you don’t.

Living Costs

Colorado is cheap in some areas, not so cheap in others. For example, the amount it costs for groceries, housing and transportation is astronomical. Housing in Golden being higher than the state as a whole. However, utilities and health are fairly low, unlike other towns.

Now that you can about living in Golden, are you ready to move yet? The beauties it offers is waiting for you!