Affordable Living in Fort Collins: Solutions for Students, Singles, and Families

Fort Collins, CO is an attractive prospect for living for most people. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and picturesque views at every turn, it’s no wonder that many wish to call this place home. One possible point of hesitation that some may face when deciding to move to Fort Collins is the task of finding affordable housing. This shouldn’t be a deterrent however, because with some research there are housing opportunities to fit every budget. Here are a few for consideration.

1. Low Income Apartments

One option to consider is to rent a low income apartment. There are quite a few communities in the Fort Collins area, and you can certainly begin your search online before going to visit communities in person. These apartments typically base the rent on an individual’s income, though some may offer some type of voucher or subsidy to offset the market cost of rent.

2. Communal Living

Communal living is growing in popularity in Fort Collins. There are several communities where you can share a living space with others. Most offer furnished accommodations and a private bedroom and bath. You may share common living areas, along with certain community amenities such as communal gardens and community social areas.

3. Airbnb Rentals

Homeowners or potential homeowners can look to offset the cost of their mortgage by renting out a room in their home through airbnb. With the viable tourist industry in Fort Collins, there should be no shortage of short-term visitors looking for housing for their ski vacation.

4. Affordable Mortgage Programs

If homeownership is a viable option, then there is no shortage of first-time or affordable homeownership programs in Colorado. These programs do everything from providing lower interest rates, taking care of mortgage insurance, or providing downpayment assistance. A few to consider are the Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation (CHAC) First-Time Homebuyers Program, NEWSED Downpayment Assistance, and the FHA Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program. You can check with your local mortgage officer for more information.

5. Seasonal Housing

If you are planning to stay in Fort Collins for only a short period of time then your best course of action may be to either rent an airbnb with no lease, or apply for seasonal work at one of the many ski resorts that provide or subsidize housing.

There are so many types of housing choices available in Fort Collins. One of these options is sure to meet any level of housing need.