Affordable Living in Boulder: Solutions for Students, Singles, and Families

While Boulder, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places you can move to in the United States, it can also be quite pricy if you don’t take steps to reduce costs. Boulder is actually 30% more costly than Denver, the state capital. The average rental cost in Boulder comes out to $1963 accounting for 863 square feet of space. While this may seem alarming to some, if you look closer at the statistics you can find that roughly 67% of renting residents pay $1500 or less per month.

One way to reduce these costs even further would be to rent out an Airbnb. Airbnb is a company that connects people who want to rent out their spare rooms for cash. Unlike traditional rental agreements, Airbnb doesn’t require a six month or year long lease agreement, rather you simply select the length of time you want to stay. When looking at rooms for rent in Boulder, Colorado the amount of people you are accounting for drastically affects the price you will pay. A one month stay can come in under $700 for two adults wanting a private room, with still many properties offering under this price.

However, as the number of people increase, the price moves drastically up. When searching for place for a family of four, you would need to rent out either an entire property or more than one room. At this point it would be more economical to just rent an apartment. Only one listing could be found that was below $1700 for this amount of people in Boulder. Some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Boulder to move to are Telluride, Tantra Park, Table Mesa, Shanahan Ridge, Martin Acres, Majestic Heights, and Devils thumb. All of these neighborhoods have an average rental price of around $1600 per month.

Before moving to Boulder, one should look into a steady job. The good news is that in 2019, Boulder’s employment rate grew by 3%. The unemployment rate is at 2.6% which is lower than the United States average of 3.6%. The median income in Boulder was reported to be $58,000 compared to the US median of $53,000.