Affordable Living in Colorado Springs: Best Solutions for Colorado Springs

When searching for housing in Colorado Springs there is a variety of cost effective options to explore. Determining if long term or short term housing is what is needed can help those looking for housing decide the most affordable and convenient option. Also, the renter determining if they would prefer to live alone or share their space can direct the renter to the best choice.

For those looking into short term housing for a visit to the area renting a space from a host on Airbnb, Flipkey, or other similar apps and websites can help make housing more affordable. Renters can rent out the whole house, just a room, or even a shared room. Individual rooms can be rented for under 30 dollars per night and entire houses can be rented for under 50 dollars per night. Compared to the price of a hotel, which starts around 60 dollars per night for a room, renting space form a homeowner is a much more affordable option for a short term stay.

When searching for long term housing residents who prefer not to share their space with others may want to look into apartments. There are many apartment complexes in Colorado Springs that rent one to three bedroom apartments ranging from 300 to 650 dollars on the lower priced end of the spectrum. In comparison to the price of renting a house which starts at 700 to 1000 dollars for low priced options, apartments are the most cost-effective option.

Another option to cut costs for those who do not mind sharing their space with others would be sharing the space to be rented with a roommate or group of people. Those who do not have a pre-established roommate can use websites like to find a roommate who meets their requirements for budget, personality, schedule, etc. A roommate or even a co-op living situation greatly reduces the financial burden when finding an affordable place to live.