Why Colorado?

Regardless of interests, generation, and occupational field, Colorado is a popular destination for Americans. The gigantic population boom of the early 2010s has catalyzed several developmental changes in the state, but most transplants have moved for similar reasons. Below, we have detailed four of the largest reasons for migration in the past few years. 


Economic Growth. Colorado has the fourth fastest-growing economy in the nation, having experience a 3.6% growth in 2015. Though this has slowed in recent years, any growth shows signs of economic wellbeing. The industries experiencing the most development include construction, information, and wholesale trade.  


Job Availability. Economic growth brings jobs, and Colorado is no exception. The local job market has been growing faster and more consistently now than in the last twenty years. The professional and business services sector is projected to contribute the biggest percentage of these new positions.  


Unparalleled Scenery. We would be remiss to leave out the most obvious factor in Colorado’s attraction. It seems that beautiful mountains, lakes, and forests can be glimpsed from every part of the state. Whether you spend your weekends skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or going for scenic drives or walks, Colorado has some of the most accessible wilderness in the country.  


Lifestyle. Colorado consistently ranks in the top 10 healthiest states in the country. Residents are very active, taking advantage of the state’s outdoor opportunities. Additionally, Colorado experiences over 300 days of sunshine every year, leading to an increased popularity in physical, outdoor activities.