Living in Denver: 4 Strategies for Making it in Denver

If you are looking to move to the mile-high-city, or Denver, then one of the main factors of consideration is probably its high cost of living. Between the ever popular ski resorts and advent of the tech boom and startups, Denver’s housing market has boomed. With this boom has come a lack of affordable housing for those who may not have as much disposable income. There are still some affordable housing solutions available though. Here are a few for consideration.

1. Communal Living

There are several communal living communities in Denver and the surrounding areas. These cooperatives foster a more interdependent lifestyle with a focus on building interpersonal relationships through strong community ties. They may feature green living spaces, community gardens for fresh produce, and economic opportunities for communal income to help build self-sustainable wealth.

2. Working For A Ski Resort

Local ski resorts in Denver have noticed that it is increasingly becoming harder to attract talent, especially during their peak seasons. The reasoning is not because the jobs they have available are not appealing to potential employees, but rather that even if they find qualified staff for those positions, there is still a shortage of affordable housing. In order to lessen some of the financial burden caused by Denver’s high cost of living, many ski resorts are willing to either provide housing or highly subsidize it for employees. This is especially advantageous to you if you are only looking for seasonal or temporary housing. You can work in a fun environment and drastically cut down on your living expenses all at once.

3. Living in Surrounding Suburbs

Another option for affordable housing is to live in one of the surrounding suburbs of Denver. There are several within a short driving distance of the city which will save you money on rent. You also will have the option of commuting into Denver by car or via the regional transportation network that is available for the Denver area. The availability of public transportation makes suburban living an easier option for those looking for a lower cost of living while still have access to the city of Denver.

4. Seasonal Living

If you are looking to live in Denver during their off-peak months, then it may be cost effective to rent in the city. Owners who utilize their dwellings during peak holiday and vacation times are often looking to recoup some of their housing expenses by renting them out during the rest of the year. You can find some pretty good deals if you look hard enough.

All of these are good options for anyone looking to make the move to Denver. With a little bit of patience and research you are sure to find housing to fit your needs.