Best Places to Live in Colorado

Unsurprisingly, Colorado is experiencing population growth in both cities and more rural areas. From location and walkability to local art scenes and overall accessibility, there are countless reasons why growth has occurred more rapidly in some places than others. Below, we have detailed five of the hottest places to move in Colorado. 


  1. Boulder—From community-supported environmental protections and a surplus of farm-to-table restaurants, this is one of the most liberal, engaged cities in the country. Residents can enjoy the pristine natural surroundings from nearly anywhere in the city. From mountain streams and forests to hiking, fishing, biking, and climbing opportunities, this is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.  


  1. Castle Rock—Just under thirty miles from Denver sits Castle Rock, the 10th fastest-growing city in America (2015). Another great spot for lovers of outdoor recreation, Castle Rock offers several city parks, a nearby state park, and several golf courses. Known for excellent shopping, its quaint historic district, and a top-notch school district, this is an excellent destination for young families.  


  1. Colorado Springs—Though originally developed as a resort town, this part of Colorado has recently earned the title: “Silicon Mountain.” A large number of tech companies and military installations have popped up in recent years. Colorado Springs is home to innovative businesses and industries, quality health care, and—as with most Colorado locations—an abundance of outdoor activities. 


  1. Fort Collins—Another excellent destination for families, Fort Collins boasts award-winning schools, a thriving arts scene, a persistent “buy-local” culture, and dozens of trendy restaurants. Moreover, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and National Semiconductor have headquarters in this city, bringing intelligent and educated residents from all over the country. 


  1. Lakewood—Though only incorporated in 1969, Lakewood has seen massive growth in recent years. This is due, in part, to its amazing location—between Denver and the Rocky Mountains. This is home to the headquarters for Einstein Bros. Bagels, 1st Bank, and The Integer Group, and the city boasts excellent schools.