Strong Colorado Jobs Market Spans Generations

A recent study puts Colorado at #2 in the nation for most attractive states for employment. Falling just behind Washington state, this will come as no surprise to residents. The report, conducted by WalletHub, used 24 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity, and economic vitality—these variables include anything from the median annual income to the individual’s average commute time. Researchers put extra importance on generational and age-related job variables—employee-based retirement access, job satisfaction, and the availability of internships.


This intra-generational job availability is a huge reason for the Colorado job market’s strength. Sure, most families and individuals move to Colorado to get a piece of the state’s active job market. The finance and tech industries are booming in the northern cities, while medical professionals and analysts are in high-demand in the state’s southern half. However, new research suggests that, if necessary or wanted, every member of the family can have a job.


As spring turns to summer, college students return to their hometowns and proactive high school students seek seasonal employment. The Denver Post recently reported that, out of more than 180 American cities, Denver scored fourth on a list of best cities for summer jobs. The Pikes Peak Workforce Center has reported that there are over 12,000 open positions in El Paso County and Teller County, but many of the openings are entry-level and seasonal.


This is excellent news for students and the newly-graduated looking for financial stability, independence, and job experience. Though seasonal jobs are often in tourism, hospitality, customer service, and the broader service industry, teenagers and young adults can easily find gainful employment and build work skills that are essential when seeking more permanent employment. However, this availability is not restricted to young and emerging professionals; during the recession of the mid-aughts, laid-off and older employees found remunerative employment in this part of Colorado’s job sector.


The family-friendly market is a primary motivator for young people who want to move to the state; with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, one of the most satisfied employee bases, and a surplus of kid-friendly jobs, the whole family can reap the rewards of living in state with stable employment.