Airbnb and Short-Term Rental Regulations for Lakewood

Short-term rentals are currently not allowed in Lakewood City. The Lakewood City council claims it wants to make sure the short-term rentals are a good experience for the city. The city council held a study session to examine the benefits and consequences of residents who want to have short-term rentals and how to regulate short-term rentals. After weighing out their concerns the council created a commission to craft a policy proposal. The council members aired out different opinions.

One council member pointed out that short-term rentals could change the character of the neighborhood. Further explaining that if homeowners operate short-term rentals with their homes to earn a decent living it was fine. The council member then said that homeowners who start to invest in houses and use them as short-term rentals would change the character of the neighborhood. The opinion was echoed by saying the city should move in a cautious way when deciding on short term rentals.

Short-term rentals had been recommended a permitted use by planning staff on an amendment to the city’s zoning code. The city council later requested short-term rentals to be removed from the amendment for further discussions on the issue. Another member of the council proposed that homeowners will stay there when hosting a rental service. The council member also brought up the potential parking issues that would occur with short-term rentals.

Eventually, the commission decided to hand the issue to Housing Policy Commission to create the housing-related policies.