Airbnb and Short-Term Rental Regulations for Fort Collins

In order to become hosts, short-term rental operators should acquire a rental license. It allows you to rent your property as partial units the entire home as a whole to potential tenants. The stays should be 30 days or less. There are two types of rental licenses, the non-primary short-term license that shows a property is not a primary residence and it has been leased in its entirety to one party. The second type is primarily short term rental that shows only parts of a property have been leased to one party and is only given if you’ve stayed in the listing for 9 months out of a year.

It costs $150 to get a license to operate a short-term rental and the license is renewed at a fee of $100 each year. In order to get the license, a host must fill in a self-certification checklist. There are limits on occupancy including off-street parking. The license number is also required to be on the listing description. Short-term rental operators should provide a contact if there are any emergencies or
complaints. Approximately 3% of lodging is charged as a tax and is imposed on guests. It must be paid to the city on a monthly basis. There is also a lodging tax charged by the state of Colorado that must be paid.

Non-primary short-term rentals are allowed in zones that allow lodging establishments. While primary short-term rentals are allowed in areas that allow motels and hotels.