Airbnb and Short-Term Rental Regulations for Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs city council imposed new rules and regulations for short-term rental owners unanimously after public opposition.

The number of short-term rental properties in Colorado Springs is approximately 3000. For hosts to be able to apply they must follow all the rules put up by the council. In response to concerns from council members and neighbors concerning issues such as noise, traffic and parking operators should follow all the new rules. Short-term rental operators are required to acquire a $119 short-term rental permit that is renewed every year. Lodging and sales taxes of approximately 10.5% from guests are required to be collected by hosts, and then afterwards it is the host’s responsibility to remit that tax to the city. To be able to collect the taxes, hosts are required to apply for a city tax license. The short-term rental operators also collect their state and county sales taxes from their short-term rentals and remit to the state of Colorado.

Although Airbnb collects lodge and city, state and sales taxes on behalf of its hosts in Colorado Springs, the short-term operators are still required to register with city and state tax authorities. Hosts are required to have property liability insurance with at least $500,000 proof of coverage, include permit number in all documents, display permit and emergency contact information and are reachable 24/7 to respond to complaints.

The short-term rental hosts are prohibited from holding events such as weddings on the properties and serving food to the tenants. In the case they aren’t available, hosts are required to hire a responsible agent available for up to an hour to resolve complaints.