Colorado’s Three Major Markets

Colorado is a large state, but most real estate growth and development occurs in concentrated areas. Understanding these markets can help buyers and sellers better understand the nature of their sales and purchases. Below, we have detailed Colorado’s three major real estate markets: the front range, the mountain communities, and the rural.  
Front Range—The front range is, in essence, the Denver/Boulder corridor. It is characterized by a low or lack of supply (sellers) and the continued growth of demand (buyers). Most individuals and families moving to Colorado do so to live in this area. Front range rents climb quickly, and the area is one of the most expensive and dynamic in the state. Though there is currently a considerable amount of economic uncertainty in the form of mortgage deduction caps, tax policies, and rising interest rates, demand continues to grow. 
Mountains—The mountain communities include towns and cities such as Steamboat, Aspen, Vail, and Telluride. Homes in the mountain market are expensive; the median home price is around $1 million. However, this market is relatively stable; home prices have not grown as dramatically as in the front range. The expense exists as a result of hefty building and maintenance fees. This high-end market will likely grow to be more expensive in the coming years. 
Rural—Despite growth in other areas of the state, rural areas have begun to stagnate. These areas’ economies are often resource- and labor-dependent, meaning the communities are often working class. Though the market is currently stagnant, we expect to see growth and gentrification in the coming years.