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Why Colorado?

Regardless of interests, generation, and occupational field, Colorado is a popular destination for Americans. The gigantic population boom of the early 2010s has catalyzed several developmental changes in the state, but most transplants have moved for similar reasons. Below, we have detailed four of the largest reasons for migration in the past few years.    Economic Growth. Colorado has the…

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Population Growth and the Housing Market

In 2015, Colorado’s population grew by almost 102,000 people. In that same year, the state added just 25,143 new homes, condos, and apartments. If these numbers sound dangerous, you’re right—the state is unable to accommodate the vast and quickly-growing population of newcomers.     This discrepancy is most visible in the Colorado housing market. Anyone looking to…

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Best Places to Live in Colorado

Unsurprisingly, Colorado is experiencing population growth in both cities and more rural areas. From location and walkability to local art scenes and overall accessibility, there are countless reasons why growth has occurred more rapidly in some places than others. Below, we have detailed five of the hottest places to move in Colorado.    Boulder—From community-supported environmental protections…

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